Welcome to Spanish Rings

Spanish Rings are flowerpot holders inspired by the sunbaked’white towns’of Andalucia in Southern Spain.

Spanish Rings are a stunning way to display plants and make the most of the vertical space in your garden.  They mix well with hanging baskets, planters and other plant containers to produce a Mediterranean patio garden to be proud of.

Spanish Rings Create a Wonderful Mediterranean Hanging Garden

Flower pots can beautifully decorate walls, hook on trellis, or attach to downpipes and posts. Spanish Rings will enhance your garden or patio with a fresh new style.

Spanish Rings take your garden skyward. The rings provide a fresh option for your creativity.  When you hang plants in the vertical space you become the artist using flowers and plants to produce a living image

Change the position of the Spanish Rings for a new view.  As the seasons change, change the planting to keep colour in your garden all year round.

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Balcony Rings